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ICE + SNOW = :-(

ICE + SNOW = :-(

Well, I got part of my wish – I didn’t have to sit in cold, wet bleachers!!

Snow – really??????

Ok – admittedly, I hate cold weather – but snow, really???? I am really hoping that these meteorologist are all wrong =)

If it is going to snow/rain I hope it does enough to cancel a baseball tournament – I know I want it all ;-).

I am looking forward to the season opener this weekend and seeing the boys play – but don’t really want to sit in the cold, wet bleachers!

If it’s play ball I will be there with my coats and blankets, lol.

Fixed -Tooth

Fixed - tooth =)

Teaching to Standards

Here is a great site that offers various curriculum lessons that teach to the standards.


Brown v. Board

It’s Spring Break, woo hoo!!!  A time to relax and get caught up on everything I’m falling behind in =) 

The weather was so great today – We went to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and then headed over to the Brown v. Board Museum.  http://www.nps.gov/brvb .  I had never gotten a chance to go through this wonderful museum – what a great treasure in the capital city.  If you haven’t ever taken the chance to tour, you should try to fit it into your busy schedules. 



A friend emailed me this — We should all have this boy’s passion and strength =)  Awesome!!!