Happy Earth Day

*  Cute video telling students to get involved and make some noise!!

*  This site has wonderful games, lessons, activity ideas and lots more to celebrate Earth Day – and  to incorporate Earth Day ideas into everyday =)


*  I like how this page stresses the importance of Earth Day and how important the concept of celebrating our Earth is to both students and teachers. 


*  Earth Day Fun Facts: 


*  More serious video showing the beautiful Earth and encouraging EVERYONE TO GET INVOLVED and keep working to  preserve it!


Could Spring be here to stay????

I am so glad that the snow and ice that covered my young tree just a few short weeks ago did not damage it =)


Alternative to homework troubles

This school has found an after school alternative to homework troubles.  This afterschool program is teacher supervised and allows the students to interact and get homework help they might not be able to get at home.

6th Grade Astronomy WebQuest

While working on my science standards 5E lesson worksheet – I came across this 6-7 grade astronomy webquest.  It seems to look perfect for the standard I am working with. 


Kindergarten Teacher’s Webpage

Although this website hasn’t been updated since the end of 2007 – I think it is a great example of a Kindergarten Teacher’s School WebPage.  The page gives all the class information that families might need to know.  Among many topics, it tells what the students have been doing in each subject throughout the week and give ideas that students could be enriching themselves with at home – For example, great books to read =)  I hope to have a page like this when I become an elementary teacher.


Sun, Moon & Earth

While  looking for ideas for our 1st grade science lesson on the sun, moon and stars I came across this lesson plan.


I haven’t been able to read this whole lesson, but WOW, what a detailed lesson this teacher has created for her class.

Fun Igloo

This site has lots of wonderful ideas to be incorporated into Kindergarten.  I love the igloo made out of gallon milk jugs they are using as a reading center in their classroom.  What a great way to teach Recycle, Reuse!!