Teacher Interview

Teacher Interview

I interviewed a teacher from a consolidated rural school district. She graduated from Emporia State 4 years ago, but this is her first year teaching 4th grade in this district. She is in agreement with her administration in believing teaching and incorporating technology into the student’s curriculum is highly important. Their belief is that technology will enable their students with skills that will assist them in becoming successful adults.

She stated Windows is her preferred computer system and is what they use district wide. Her personal opinion is that Mac’s crash more often. Professionally, she uses email to communicate with parents and colleagues. A teaching blog is not something that she subscribes to, but the district does have a website where the parents can go to check on the grades of their students.

The students get to have hands on access to technology in various way throughout their days. They go to a computer lab once a week. While they are there, keyboarding skills are taught. The computer lab is also used to administer AR tests, practice tests and state assessments. United streaming is used to show educational videos across the curriculum. She feels the student’s attention is drawn to lessons that have technology incorporated into them. This is a generation who always wants to be entertained.

In her classroom she has a teacher laptop with wireless internet access. There are two student computers with internet access in her room. The classroom is also equipped with a ceiling-mounted projector, an overhead projector and a CD player. She would like to have more technology applications available in room and is hoping to write a grant for a Smart Board.

She only graduated from college four years ago and is amazed at the technological advances that have occurred in that short time. In college she was basically taught about power point presentations and how to use an overhead projector in the classroom. Technology changes quickly and very few schools will be able to keep up with what’s new and exciting. However, good teachers will be able to incorporate what is available to them technologically and keep their students interested and educated.


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